ON STAGE NOW : Michael Jackson in: Back from the Future

October 17 — January 16 2016

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Great Scott! Can Marty and Doc save the Future?


Show PosterIt's the year 2015. Marty McFox and his wife Jennifer are throwing a smashing 25th wedding anniversary ball and you're invited! But something's amiss... When Marty and his best friend Doc travelled to the distant future 2015 - from 1985 -  things appeared to be quite different than they are now...  Doc and Marty discover the secret to correcting our present time-line may lie in the sequined-gloved hand of a certain Mega-Popstar-Icon... Only trouble is, they'll have to travel back through time to meet him! Will they be able to correct our present, or will they discover that the future they once knew is ancient history?!? ...Only time will tell... Join us on another amazing adventure with Doc and Marty set to the timeless tunes of the legendary King of Pop – Michael Jackson!

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