ON STAGE NOW : Modern Family Vacation

June 5 — August 8 2015

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Join this "Modern Family" on a fun filled vacation!


Everyone’s favorite Modern Family is in need of a vacation… from each other! Jay  and his beautiful Cuban wife have decided to celebrate their anniversary by taking a romantic cruise just the two of them… no kids, no family, no problems. Well actually… one problem… the rest of the family has decided to surprise them by taking the cruise as well. They are charting a course aboard the cruise ship Titanic II, modeled after the original. You are all invited to climb aboard… join the Modern Family on this modern cruise ship… it’s called the Titanic… what could possibly go wrong?!?!

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Star Warz: A Galactic Rock Comedy

Star Warz: A Galactic Rock Comedy

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It is a period galactic civil war!! There are rebels with spaceships, Jedi with lightsabers… there is a princess, a smuggler, and robots, the Evil Darth Vador and singing… yes you heard me… singing of your favorite galactic rock tunes of the 70’s and 80’s.

Join us for Star Warz: A Galactic Rock Comedy at Celebrations Dinner Theatre… and the force will be with you!

Michael Jackson in: Back from the Future

Michael Jackson in: Back from the Future

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Hey, Pretty Woman!

Hey, Pretty Woman!

January 22 — March 26 2016

A spoof on the hugely popular movie released in 1990. Our telling of this romantic tale will have some new twists and turns and, of course, laughter. Set to music from the late 80`s and early 90`s sure to bring back a memory or two. Hey, Pretty Woman! is a romantic comedy about how the most unlikely of matches can wind up falling in love... but no one ever said it would easy! Please join us, as we watch Edward and Vivian beat the odds and circumstances to find each other and all the laughs along the way. Hey, Pretty Woman!