ON STAGE NOW : Night at the Museum of Country Music

August 12 — October 8 2016

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Nashville Tennessee is known the world over as the legendary home of Country Music, and at the center of that legend is the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame. On an average day the museum attracts thousands of visitors… but at night is when the real fun starts!! The locals claim that if you happen to be passing the museum in the wee hours, you can hear the faint sounds of country stars past and present coming to life!!
Featuring hit songs from legends like Garth Brooks and Shania Twain, and modern country stars like Keith Urban, and Carrie Underwood… join us at Celebrations Dinner Theatre for “Night at the Museum of Country Music”

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Ferris Buellers School of Rock

Ferris Buellers School of Rock

October 14 — January 7 2017

IIn 1986 Ferris Bueller took a day off. With wit and charm he managed to skip school and keep the teachers in the dark. 30 years later Ferris finds himself back in high school, but this time he’s the teacher. When Ferris finds that students these days are more lost, hopeless, and bored than ever, he resorts to using the one subject no student can ignore… Rock and Roll! With the help of an unlikely substitute teacher Dewey Quinn, the two men have one chance to get the kids on board, and show the people what Rock music can teach their kids. Tonight is the PTA meeting, where there will be a vote to see if the parents, and the school board want to allow this “Joy of Rock” to be an actual course offered at the a high school, or if it’s just a waste of time and funding. Celebrations Dinner Theatre is proud to present – Ferris Bueller’s School of Rock!

Another Flashdance

Another Flashdance

January 14 — March 18 2017

Alex is a young woman from a working class neighborhood who is driven by her desire to become a professional dancer. She works two jobs to save the money for school, by day she is a welder at a steel mill, by night she is a go-go dancer in a local bar and grill – “Randy’s Place.” One night, Alex somehow convinces the enrollment committee of the Royal Moose Jaw Academy of Dance to come see her dance at the club. On that same night, Nick, the owner of the mill, comes to the club; Alex, worried that he might fire her from the mill if he finds out she is a dancer, enlists the help of her crazy group of friends to help fool her boss. What follows is a hilarious tale of mistaken identity filled with crazy night club characters, snooty dance school judges and lots of great music from the 80’s! Please join us for Another Flashdance!

Greased 2

Greased 2

March 25 — May 20 2017

Join us, as we take a look in on our favourite hip cats and cool chicks as another school year begins at Rydell High. The notorious tough girl gang, the T-birdies, are about to choose their club leader for this year and the competition is close between Danni, the present leader and up and comer, Penny. The girls are also preparing for the big drag race with the Hot Rods, their rival boy gang. Johnny, the leader of the Hot Rods and Danni’s ex-boyfriend, will do almost anything to win the race and the girl. This show is a celebration of Rock and Roll music, sure to bring back fond memories for some and many smiles to all! Celebrations Dinner Theatre is proud to present.... Greased 2!